Going Green

At De Franco & Sons we care about the environment and can help you do your part to conserve natural resources.  Ask us about:

  • Recycled asphalt products – (up to 50% recycled content available)
  • Recycled aggregate materials – (up to 100% recycled base and below-ground fillers)
  • Interlocking pavers – made with recycled concrete products
  • Interlocking retaining wall systems – made with recycled concrete products
  • Underground seepage pits – How is this green?  Runoff from gutters, sump pumps, or large grassy areas overtax storm drains and waste precious rain water.  Seepage pits collect this water and allow it to gradually seep back into the ground, replenishing the aquifer directly beneath your home.
  • Xeriscaping – Xeriscaping refers to landscaping designed to reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water, specifically by automated or manual sprinkler systems (see Wikipedia entry “xeriscaping“).  In brief, large areas of water-thirsty grass are replaced with features such as water or rock gardens, utilizing low maintenance surface materials and plantings which tolerate near drought conditions.  Often the design is augmented by a rainwater collection system for strategic watering.  When water consumption is reduced, not only is it good for the environment, it will save you money, and those savings will be doubled if your sewer bill is calculated by water usage – as it is in most communities.  Another benefit is reduced time/expense for the upkeep of grass (mowing, fertilizer, weed control).

Best of all, the green materials and methods listed above provide beautiful results and enhance property values with no sacrifice in durability.

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